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Restoring and Expanding History

We are pleased to announce our new fundraising campaign for the ministry, Restoring and Expanding History. We invite you to visit our campaign and explore our vision.   If the Lord should place it upon your heart to sow a seed into this ministry, please click "Restoring and Expanding History" to connect to our link.  You can also donate by mailing your donations to Last Day Healing & Deliverance Center, P.O. Box 6724, SPTBG SC  29304.  Thank you in advance for your contribution.  You are greatly appreciated!!  

Not Just A Church, But A Center

A Church is defined as a building set aside for Christian worship.  Last Day is much more than just a place of worship – we are a center.  By definition, a center is the mid-point of anything, a pivot, a point to which things move or are drawn.  Last Day has been a pivot for all who have attended – members and visitors. 

Last Day Healing and Deliverance Center is a place where our Pastor and Bishop teaches us to focus on the whole man (mind, body, and soul) bringing about a spiritual and natural balance in life.  They nurture, train, build, and equip men, women and children to obtain spiritual leadership and exercise total commitment of our life, ministry, personality and possession to the building of the Kingdom of God.  They encourage Holy living and demonstrate the power of God to all through New Birth, divine healing and deliverance, the laying on of hands and the prophetic anointing. One visit to Last Day has changed the life of all who have come in contact with The Center.  Through the teaching of the Word of God, lives have been altered, hope has been given, and the realness of the Word has brought a training that will affect the very outcome of all that receive the Word of God. 

Our Founder and Pastor is a real prophet of God chosen to help point us in the direction of God and help us to pivot into our ordained destiny by training us and teaching us according to what God is saying right now at this appointed time.  Callings are being revealed.  Ministries are being birthed.  Miracles are taking place right before our very eyes.  With a move of God like this, it’s no wonder why people are drawn to The Center.  It is nothing so great that we are doing, but it’s all God.  We thank God for a Pastor and Bishop that can hear the voice of God so clearly, and obeys Him completely, that we have received the approval of God; and His approval is revealed to the people in the way that He moves in each and every service that we have.  When you come to Last Day, you can truly say that you’ve been touched by God.

Welcome to “The Center”!!!


Sunday School 10am

Sunday Morning Worship 11am

Tuesday Intercessory Prayer 7:30pm

Thursday Bible Study 7pm


Your life will be impacted by this powerful portion of testimony by Prophetess Jeannette Johnson. 

Last Day Healing & Deliverance Center
Physical Address:  570 Brawley Street · Spartanburg, SC  29303
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 6724 · Spartanburg, SC  29304
Phone:  864.582.5056     Email:

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