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Last Day Healing & Deliverance Center

Physical Address:
570 Brawley Street
Spartanburg, SC  29303

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 6724
Spartanburg, SC  29304

We are pleased to announce our new fundraising campaign for the ministry, Restoring and Expanding History. We invite you to visit our campaign and explore our vision.   If the Lord should place it upon your heart to sow a seed into this ministry, please click "Restoring and Expanding History" to connect to our link.  You can also donate by mailing your donations to Last Day Healing & Deliverance Center, P.O. Box 6724, SPTBG SC  29304.  Thank you in advance for your contribution.  You are greatly appreciated!!  

About Us

        In the year of 2001, Prophetess Jeannette Johnson opened Last Day Healing & Deliverance Center. At that time the membership consisted of her two children and one member. In that little storefront building, the Woman of God preached the Word of God as though she were preaching to millions. She never short changed the people of God. She preached with the anointing and with conviction. During the next four years, through trial and tribulation, through the victorious leading of the Lord with the Holy Sprit as her guide, the ministry began to grow immeasurably. The membership increased as different auxiliaries began to form and be launched in the ministry. As the Pastor and Founder of LDHDC, the Woman of God led the people from one dimension to another. It was a place that the people of God had never witnessed or experienced. It was a place in God that the members could not have ever imagined. Miracles were performed right before our very eyes. Pastor Johnson travels extensively across the states as a vessel with the ministry of Healing and Deliverance following her as ministries began to be elevated to higher heights and deeper levels in the Lord.

In the Year of 2005, Pastor and Founder, Prophetess Jeannette Johnson was united in Holy matrimony to an awesome Man of God, Bishop Lee Anthony Haynes. With this union, the ministry went to yet another dimension. This dimension was marked by the manifestation of the spirit. For the Bible says that signs and wonders shall follow the true prophets of God. In July of 2006, the ministry moved from that storefront building to a 3 story, completely furnished edifice. Just as the Lord promised the Israelites a land flowing with milk and honey, so He did for the ministry. We walked straight out of the storefront into the new church building equipped with everything we needed and more. Above all, the souls began to pour in and receive salvation, healing, and deliverance.

The powerfully anointed team of Apostle Jeannette Johnson-Haynes, D.Div and Bishop Lee Haynes has taken the ministry yet to another dimension of remarkable levels and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit. Together, they have birthed the ministry into another realm of "Word And Revelation!" We honor God above all who has orchestrated the very event of our ministry. The Word says that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and truly we have seen the manifestation and the demonstration of the Lords power. We don't boast in our accomplishments because we realize who is the captain of this ship and we know that if we just continue to abide in the ship, that we will be victorious through the spirit.

We invite you to experience this move of God with us. The Lord is doing so many unimaginable things in the spirit realm for his people. We don't want to miss it and we want you to be there too. With the Lord at the reigns there is no limit to what we can do in the spirit of Christ. We not only want the people of God to excel in the spirit, we want to nurture the whole man. The bible says that there is not one man who has lost family, houses, or possessions that the Lord will not restore unto them in THIS Life. We don't just have rewards in Heaven. There are things that the Lord is trying to give to His people right here on earth. Together, let us obtain this place in God that nothing will be able to snatch us from His all powerful hand.

We love you at Last Day and we can't wait to see the Manifestation of the Lord in your life and in your ministry. God Bless You!

Sunday School at 10:00am

Sunday Morning Worship at 11:00am

Monday Leadership Class at 7:00pm

Tuesday Intercessory Prayer at 7:30pm

Thursday Bible Study at 7:00pm


Your life will be impacted by this powerful portion of testimony by Prophetess Jeannette Johnson. 

Last Day Healing & Deliverance Center
P.O. Box 6724
Spartanburg, SC 29304
Phone: 864-582-5056

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